Retirement Education Courses for Ages 55-70


Do You Feel Prepared For Retirement?
Do You Have A Plan?

In Our Course, You Will Discover:

  • How long your retirement will last
  • How to afford your Florida lifestyle
  • Minimize taxes & use tax law to your advantage
  • How to build an income plan
  • Avoid the behaviors that cause many investors to lose money
  • How to beat inflation and volatility issues
  • 3 primary risks retirees face after retiring
  • IRA vs. Roth IRA:  Which is better?
  • How to handle healthcare & long-term care issues

A Note About Retiring in Today's World

Never before has retirement been as difficult to prepare for as it is today!
Here is why

  • Healthcare costs are increasing at an alarming rate with no end in sight.
  • With our country’s debt and liability increasing, taxes could potentially increase in the future.
  • Pensions are slowly disappearing and companies are offering 401k plans instead – shifting the responsibility of retirement onto your shoulders.

The responsibility for proactive financial planning has never been greater!


Florida Gulf Coast University

JUNE 19 & 26

10am to 12 pm

10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Cohen Room 162
Fort Myers, FL 33965

This course consists of two, 2-hour sessions:  Afternoon or Evening.

JUNE 20 & 27

2pm to 4 pm

10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Cohen Room 162
Fort Myers, FL 33965

This course consists of two, 2-hour sessions:  Afternoon or Evening.

Why Is It Important To Be Educated About Retirement?

Today’s media is spreading information unlike we have ever seen before. Whether it is fact or fiction, there are endless articles, interviews and opinions, from “so-called” experts offering their advice on the best way to approach your retirement and finances. 

This is the problem – it is extremely overwhelming to try to prepare yourself when there are so many conflicting opinions on the various topics. Many middle-class families are growing frustrated and uncertain about which options are best for them – creating a sense of uncertainty. Through proper education, you will begin to feel more confident about evaluating what decisions are best for your family . No one wants to enter into retirement lacking confidence in his or her plan.

Is This Course Right For Me?

If you are near or have recently entered retirement and are not 100% confident in your financial plan, this course is for you. Foundation for Retirement course starts at the beginning of the retirement planning process with setting goals, understanding how to calculate living expenses and plan for inflation in the future. From there, the discussion will evolve into effective ways to save for retirement, tax efficiency, insurance strategies, and estate planning. The goal of this comprehensive course is to deliver valuable information that you can take with you to better prepare your family for the next chapter in life.


Section 1: Pre-Retirement Planning

In today’s world, retirement is different than even when our parents retired and probably will last longer. What are your goals and objectives in retirement and how do you want yours to look like, feel like, and be like? With inflation, rising healthcare costs, and market volatility, many retirees are concerned about their money lasting.

This section will discuss:

  • How do we start building for a dream retirement?
  • How to live a purposeful and rewarding retirement.
  • How socializing and staying active can play a role.

Section 2: Financial Concerns & Issues

Once into retirement, you want to know that your money is going to last and not jeopardize your Florida lifestyle. Find out what has changed and what are the biggest concerns and hurdles for investors. You’ll also learn 6 ways to identify a recession.

This section will discuss:

  • Estimate your monthly lifestyle expenses.
  • Estimate your monthly income sources from Social Security, pensions, investments, rentals, and other available resources.
  • Determine your monthly distributions.
  • How to factor in taxes and inflation.
  • Understanding the importance of your rate of return.
  • How do you properly plan for retirement?

Section 3: Investment Planning

Your portfolio and its diversification should be determined by prioritizing your goals, objectives, and needs. With proper planning your purpose should determine placement of your investments. This section will discuss your investments and help you determine if they are appropriate for your needs.

This section will discuss:

  • Let’s get you reacquainted with your portfolio
  • How to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio.
  • Learn about volatility, risk, inflation, and withdrawals.
  • Learn how to create accountability.
  • Stocks vs. bonds vs. ETF’s.
  • How investment behavior impacts your emotions and decisions.

Section 4: Annuities

In this section you’ll learn the good, bad, and the truth about annuities. You have questions; we have answers. Find out if an annuity is either right or wrong for you. Find out if different income strategies that can be built could be a better fit than
cash or CD’s.

This section will discuss:

  • What is an annuity?
  • How could an annuity fit in to your plan?
  • Discover the living benefits of some annuities.
  • Differences between annuity types.

Section 5: Retirement Income Design

Once you are retired, you are now unemployed, and typically you now have to create your own paycheck. You also have to make sure that it lasts, addresses market volatility, inflation, health care, and so much more. In the section, we’ll go through ways to create income to sustain your Florida lifestyle.

This section will discuss:

  • Learn the requirements of an income strategy.
  • How to create streams of income.
  • Why having an income plan answers a majority of questions.
  • Learn about making sustainable monthly withdrawals.
  • How to create imperishable income.
  • History of social security.

Section 6: Health Care Concerns

As retirees get older and move into retirement, health care becomes a real concern over time and creating a list of priorities is important. From there, you can now review your insurance needs and start to plan for ways to combat the high inflation of health care costs, living, prescriptions and skilled care that may be needed.

This section will discuss:

  • Evaluate the rising cost of medical inflation.
  • Pros and cons of long-term care insurance.
  • How you could protect your assets.

Section 7: Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

There is no doubt that estate planning can be overwhelming which leads to procrastination. This could be a complicated issue but let’s break it down in the class and help you understand some options and ideas.

This section will discuss:

  • Learn about distribution vs taxation.
  • Answer many questions about estate planning.
  • Learn over a dozen ways to update your estate plan.
  • Types of trusts and their benefits.
  • Asset protection.

About the Instructor


Senior Investment Advisor, Retirement Wealth Advisors LLC

Recognized as S.W. Florida’s Premier Investment Advisor, Eric Kearney with Retirement Wealth Advisors LLC has been helping clients reach and maintain their financial goals since 2001. As a trusted advisor, Eric takes a comprehensive approach with his clients and assists them in achieving their financial goals. He thoroughly educates his clients about the advantages and disadvantages of the financial decisions they make. He also helps to create and execute a sophisticated portfolio, as well as a tax and estate plan that guides them throughout retirement. Eric continues to educate himself to stay at the forefront of planning and investments for his clients. Eric has a television show on Saturday mornings on CW and on Sunday mornings on ABC, as well as a radio show on 92.5 Fox News. He continues to write and educate people on his blog at and currently teaches a wealth management course titled Rejuvenate Your Retirement and Foundation for Retirement at both FSW and FGCU to successful pre and post retirees.


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